Bible Bytes: Prayer Talk Reveals Faith

As I read through the Psalms I am continuously amazed at how lovingly and personally God interacts with us. Today while reading in Psalm 4, which was written by David, I see David’s trust in God which has been wrought within him through his belief in truths about God he has learned in scripture and in his interactions with God.

David trusts God so much that he is comfortable with God. His trust and ease show in his prayers to God. In verse 1, David is so bold as to demand God answer him. He says, “Answer me when I call,” sort of like a trusting, needy child saying, “Pay attention to me, give me what I need.”

In Psalm 3:7, David says to God, “Arise (get up!) and save me.” In Psalm 5:1-2, David demands, in a respectful way, “Give ear to the sound of my words,” and “Give attention to the sound of my cry.”

David’s manner of speaking to God is based on his knowledge of God, the truths he knows about God’s character through the scriptures and through his experience with God. David bases his pleas to God on the knowledge of God’s righteousness; His faithfulness; His protectiveness; His good will and life giving support.

I long for such a close relationship with God. Like David, I need to look for truths about God’s character in the scriptures; and be alert to God’s faithful working and speaking into my life.

Two questions for us: What are you learning about God from reading the scriptures; and, how do you see these truths in your relationship with God?



2 thoughts on “Bible Bytes: Prayer Talk Reveals Faith

  1. Terri

    Thank you, Lory. This really helped me in my prayer time this morning. I think I’m going through a dry spell right now in my relationship with God. Everything feels so bland; but your post put on my heart to study the Psalms to understand God’s loving nature.

    1. Lory Demshar Post author

      The Psalms are my deliverance from those dry times. They bring my focus back to God, who He is and how He interacts with me. The Psalms are full of clues to the nature and character of God. I just finished reading them and have begun again with a specific focus to look at the character of God. For example in Ps. 31:19 it says,”How great is your goodness that You have stored up for those who fear You; which You have wrought for those who take refuge in You before the sons of men.” I am blown away by the truth that God stores up goodness for me. That He actively constructs/makes (wrought) good for me. It helps me focus more on the blessings in my life than the things that are difficult. And helps me refuge in God, and thank God for the trials within myself or with others because I trust He is working good through them.
      Thank you for you attention to my blog and you encouraging input.
      Lory Demshar

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